miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

Nirkikalpa, the path of knowledge

In the state of nirvikalpa the spiritual knowledge is always  present. Only the knowledge allow the soul to remain in this blissful state eternally.

But what is this knowledge? This knowledge is the inner experience in the soul that everything is  fill with the Divine energy. Every atom of this world is vibrating with the Divine energy. Everything is Divine inside ourselves as well as outside.  When the soul experience this knowledge all the mundane worries disolves once for ever. Then we know that there is one energy which is our most inner self which is pure without any blemish and of the nature of Divine love. Only when we realise the only existence of this Divine love in ourselves we are able to see it in everyone and in everything.

At the same time we realise that this energy of Divine love does everything in the world. Everything is planned  and completed by her. This energy of Divine love workes all the time for the wellbeing of everyone and for the wellbeing of the world as one.

How to worry then for our personal duties when there is an energy which has all the powers who is taking care of it?  Won´t be more wise just to surrender to this energy of love? We´ll be ourselves more capable than this energy which controls everything?

But the understanding of this subject is only realise in his full length when we achieve this experience in the meditation and this knowledge permuates all our cells completly. Then we will be able to remain in the blissful state where we know that everything is going to be alright. Everything is going to be perfect.

sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

The first step in Nirvikalpa, the awakening of Mooladhara.

Once the central channel Sushumna nadi has expanded and the flow of Kundalini is steady and intense we start our new life in the state of Nirvikalpa. There are different stages  in Nirvikalpa itself. The first step is the establishment of the purity and chastity in the Mooladhara chakra. Once we are able to go to deep meditation we have the key to achieve the treasures of our inner soul.

First we have to achieve the state of samadhi were the meditation is steady and we are one with the object of meditation and then sustaining the meditation in the object we are able to achieve the essence of that. Shri Mataji mention this in this video.  The sustaining of the meditation is very important as is only through it that we are able to go deeper and deeper in the essence of the object of meditation.

In the first step of Nirvikalpa we have to meditate and sustain the meditation in the first chakra Mooladhara, till we achieve the essence of the chakra. This means that we have to feel the experience of being that essence ourselves. This essence is basically the purity and chastity. The experience of Mooladhara is felling with great intensity that we are pure, that we are without any blemish, that we are just pure vibrations.

Once we have achieved this experience in the state of deep meditation, if the Sushumna nadi has expanded enough, this experience will change completely our awareness as we will be absolutely confident without any doubt that we are that purity. This experience will change us forever. We'll never doubt again about ourselves, even if we commit any mistake. We know that we are the purity. Even if other people try to criticize you in a collective way, you couldn't doubt again about yourself. You know what you are.

This first step in the Nirvikalpa state is extremely important as it is the main tool to keep the flow of joy eternally  in you. But this has to be a real experience.

For that we have to concentrate our meditation in the Mooladhara chakra. First we have to be able to get it balance and purify by the same meditation and then sustaining the meditation we would be able to go deeper and deeper till this experience manifest in our awareness. Till we achieve this goal we could just meditate in this chakra and the Sahasrara at the same time. In this way all the other chakras will be nourish and clear out. and the flow in the central channel will be enhance.

After having achieved this essence we will go deeper in it realizing that this purity is the nature of the spirit in ourselves and in the all world.

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Meditation with the pitas on the Sahasrara

In this meditation we focus on the pitas in the Sahasrara and the chakras in the body to integrate them and help to expand the 1000 petals of the Sahasrara.

In this link Shri Mataji explain how to fix the attention in this pitas along the Sahasrara. Also in this other video Mother talks about this pitas.

What a blessing to get this knowledge from her!

lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Meditation to improve the feeling of vibrations

It is very common to find yogis that despite  meditating for many years don't feel the vibrations clearly.

In this meditation we follow the path of the vibrations in the subtle body with our attention, which may help to develop the feeling of vibrations more clearly.

Hope you'll  enjoy it.

martes, 30 de abril de 2013

The begining of Nirvikalpa

There is one day that is very different from all the previous days you have lived before. That magical day you start your new Divine life in the state of nirvikalpa. That day your meditation is very deep and intense, and your body gets filled with eternal joy and peace. 

Then you start your first day in your new life and to your surprise you experience that during all day you feel the same experience of joy and peace. Even if you have to face any difficulty in your worldly life still the joy remains with the same purity. Then you realize that something has changed inside yourself. Now you are something different from before. Now the worldly problems are not touching your souls. You are far away in the realm of divine love. 

Then in the night you go to bed and just before entering into the bed you feel the Divine Goddess Kundalini vibrating in your Brahmarandra, as it has been during all day, and the waves of joy vibrate all your body. May be at that point you may think, what a wonderful day I had! But then the next day is just the same and every day is just the same. The joy becomes eternal, the peace untouchable. 

In the beginning of Nirvikalpa you may still get some catches from the outside and at that point the flow of Divinity in the central channel may be interrupted. Then the experience of joy and peace disappear during sometime and though you have already entered into the next stage of evolution you may think that you have to go again to the suffering and worries. But actually that's not the case. You are already in the stage of purity and you only need to go back to the meditation to allow the Divinity inside yourself to remove that unbalance and then again the flow in the central channel will take you back to your new reality. At this point the meditation should become the most important thing for us. Whenever we get any unbalance or catch from outside we have to keep the meditation till that catch is removed. You will be surprised how your meditation works now and how you can get clear easily. But we have to keep always in mind that the clearance is done by the Divinity itself so we have to just focus our attention in the chakra which is catching and allow the Divinity to work it out. This process may take from ten minutes to two or more hours, but once it has worked, we will be able to settle down in our new state and enjoy throughout the whole day. If you are able to do that your Kundalini will be vibrating 24 hours a day in your Sahasrara and you will be growing and going deeper 24X7. Then you will reach a point where you don't get the catches and the joy is never disturbed.

domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Meditation of the atention

Here we have a meditation where we work on the liver to improve the attention and we integrate the attention with the heart and the brain.  Hope you'll enjoy it.

Getting ready for nirvikalpa state

The state of Nirvikalpa is the evolution of the human awareness to a new state of balance and divinity. This is a living process of evolution and as every living process it happens spontaneously without any deliberate effort. This is something that has to happen to us, something that is going to be bestowed upon us, and not something that we have to achieve with our personal efforts.  This is the reason why even if we have tried and tried during many years of meditation and introspection we haven't been able to achieve that state.

But despite this important fact we have to do something to get ready for that change in our awareness.

The most important thing is our desire. To achieve this state we have to have an ardent desire to evolve to that state. That means that this should be the main issue in our life. We can keep our daily duties but the main thing for us should be this ascent. If that is so we are almost ready to achieve that state and if we do a proper meditation and proper behavior we'll get ready to receive this invaluable gift.

To change our state of awareness we have to behave and lead a life that is of the same vibrational level as the state that we aim to achieve. Even though we are not yet in that state we have to understand it and follow the rules of that state to get ready for it.

The state of nirvikalpa is the state of doubtless awareness. That means that we have to leave all the doubts about ourselves and about the divinity of the world. All around there is an energy that is doing all the living process and even without having reached the full experience of that fact we have to develop the enlightened faith so that we get ready for that experience in our meditation and in our daily life.

The next and basic issue is the meditation. We have to achieve the state of deep meditation that we experience when the central channel, sushumna nadi, expands. Then the meditation achieves the state of Samadhi where it becomes very effective and powerful. But even if you are not able to achieve the state of deep meditation do your best to concentrate on your pure desire to rise and do the meditation very sincerely understanding that this is something that is going to be bestowed upon you.

It may happen at any time but you have to be ready and ask for that. Just surrender fully and let it happen.